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Backache – Home Remedy


Backache, also known as back pain, or dorsopathy, is a nonspecific term used to describe discomfort or a pain in the region of the back or spine. It is one of the most common complain among humans.
The back pain may come from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. The main causes of back pain are muscular tension, straining of joints, poor posture, and incorrect nutrition. Acute or chronic illness like kidney problem, female disorders, influenza, and arthritis may also lead to back ache.
When standing:

For prolonged standing in one position, raise one foot on a platform or stool.
When sitting:

Put a cushion in the hollow of your back if your chair has poor back support.

When sleeping:

• Sleep on a firm mattress.
• Avoid sleeping face down.
• Sleep lying on your back or on your side with one knee slightly bent.

Home Remedies:

• Prepare oil from garlic (fry 10 cloves of garlic in 60ml of oil till they are brown). After oil is cooled, apply on back and allow to remain for 3-4hrs and continue for 15 days.
• Juice of lemon mixed with common salt should be taken twice a day.
• About 2,000mg of Vitamin C should be taken by patient during back ache.
• Application of raw potato especially in lower back has been found very effective.
• Yoga and exercise are very beneficial in the treatment of back ache.
Lie on back, raise legs, hold breadth, after a while bring legs down while exhaling.
• Cook oats to mash with vinegar and apply.
• Boil cabbage leaves in milk until a jelly is formed, spread on cloth and apply and leave overnight.

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