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Vitamin B2 is the second member of the B complex group. The word riboflavin is derived from two sources : ribose, referring to ribose sugar and flavin referring to yellow.

1. Riboflavin is a crystalline compound with a beautiful yellow-orange hue.
2. It is soluble in water.
3. Though readily decomposed by heat in alkaline solution,it is not destroyed by boiling in an acid solution.
4. Sensitive to both visible and ultraviolet light.
5. Vitamin B2 is absorbed into bloodstream through small intestine.


1. It is essential for growth and general health.It functions as a part of a group of enzymes which are involved in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
2. It aids digestion and helps in functioning of the nervous system.
3. Prevents constipation, promotes healthy skin, nails and hair, and strengthens the mucous lining of mouth, lips, and tongue.
4. It is important for health of eyes and alleviates eye strain.

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