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HEAT RASH – Avoid that prickly heat

A Heat rash is a red or pink rash usually found on body areas covered with clothes. It develops when the sweat ducts become blocked and swell and often leads to discomfort and itching. Heat rash is most common in hot and humid climates.

Why is it caused?

The rash is caused by excessive perspiration, which damages cells on the surface of the skin. The damaged cells form a barrier that traps sweat beneath the skin. This moisture then builds up, causing red, itchy bumps. When these pimple-like bumps burst and the sweat is released, it causes a stinging, prickly feeling.

Treating Heat Rash

1. Keep the affected skin cool and dry.
2. Take a cool shower but do not use towel
3. Use talcum for instant relief.
4. Wear light weight and loose fitting clothes.
5. Avoid oil based ointments, lotions as it keeps skin warm and moist.
6. If you cannot make your way to a cool place and continue to sweat, do not use anti-perspirant deodorant, lotions or powder on the rash. They only trap more sweat.
7. Use a calamine solution.

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