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Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease, occuring usually in children. In most cases, the older the child, the more severe is the attack.

It is caused by virus. The basic cause of disease is however, persistent wrong feeding of children, which results in diminished defence mechanisms of the body.

1. Low grade fever, mild headache and feeling of weakness.
2. Appearance of rash on the skin in the form of red spots mostly on upper back or chest.In severe conditions, rash can appear on face and lower extremeties.
3. The papules turn into blisters and finally become pustules and form scabs, which fall off.
4. They come in successive corps, so that while some are drying, others are beginning to form.
5. The duration of this disease ranges from 10-21 days.


Brown Vinegar : Half a cup of vinegar should be added to a bath of warm water. It will relieve the irritation of the skin.

Pea Water : The water in which fresh peas have been cooked can be used to relieve the irritation of skin.

Baking Soda : The victim of chicken pox should be sponged with this water so that soda dries the skin.

Vitamin E : The oil should be rubbed on skin. It will have healing effect. The marks left by chicken pox will fade away.

Carrot & Coriander : A soup prepared from 100 gms of carrots and 60 gms of coriander should be taken once a day.


1. Juice diet for few days.
2. Intake of raw fruit & vegetable juices.
3. Lemon juice is considered beneficial.
4. Add neem leaves to water.

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