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Cancer Research: Cancer therapy does not affect level of fitness

Getting cancer is an extremely serious issue, and even if you have a form of cancer that is easily treatable, there is the worry about whether the cancer treatment will leave you debilitated, physically weak, and dependent. There is the example of the cyclist Lance Armstrong who came back from intensive cancer treatment to win numerous Tour De France cycling trophies, a very high endurance test. In a study done on the physical fitness and endurance of cancer patients undergoing therapy, it was concluded that the level of cardiovascular fitness among cancer survivors remains unaffected by therapies (link to article):

“In order to prescribe an exercise programme, it’s critical that we understand our patient’s fitness level and whether or not treatment has had an impact on their cardiovascular health,” she said. Researchers conducted a chart review of 49 women who attended a physician-directed fitness clinic for cancer survivors, founded and run by Priscilla Furth, the study’s co-author. Test completion and heart rate recovery were not affected by treatment or age.

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