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Anaemia or Lack of Haemoglobin in blood – Natural Home Remedy

Anaemia is a decrease in your blood cell count, and/or a decreased hemoglobin content in the blood. Since red blood cells are the ones responsible, for carrying oxygen to the cells via the hemoglobin, a lower amount, would mean low oxygen in all your body’s tissues, and if you are pregnant your baby gets less oxygen as well. Anemia can be caused by blood loss, which means that not enough red cells are being produce, or that too many red cells are being killed off.
Usually, anemia is due to iron deficiency, but also can be caused by not having enough Vitamin B12; B6; Folic acid; and/or copper in your system.

– Pale appearance of skin due to the loss of blood.
– Discoloration of the nails and the lips.
– Patient usually feels fatigue and unable to work for long hours.
– Insomnia is also commonly observed with anemic patients.
– Digestive problems like indigestion, constipation and flatulence may sometimes also be seen.
– Person suffering from anemia also finds difficult to breathe.
– The person feels cold often. The hands and feet are felt as cold.
– Heartbeats will be quite rapid. Minor activities can raise the heartbeat excessively.

– Take healthy diet, rich in iron such as whole grain cereals, legumes, nuts, dry dates, beet root, red meat, especially beef and pulses.
– Person suffering from vitamin deficiency anemia should take diet rich in vitamins such as eggs, fish, organ meats and milk products such as cheese.
– If person is deficient of folic acid, he should consume green leafy vegetables and food grains in his diet.
– Some natural sources of vitamin C that will help you in the treatment of vitamin deficient anemia are Fresh citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, indian gooseberry, capsicum and tomatoes.

– BEETS : Beets are very effective in increasing the haemoglobin rate and thus curing anemia. Beet juice is rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, vitamin B 1, B2, B12 and also vitamin P. It also helps in increasing the bone marrow and increases the rate of formation of RBC. One glass of beet juice is to be consumed daily at breakfast. It not only cures anemia but also strengthens the body’s resistant power.
– FENUGREEK LEAVES : Cooked fenugreek leaves are to be consumed daily, especially by adolescent girls on the onset of menstruation to avoid anemia and to increase the RBC content of blood.
– SPINACH AND LETTUCE : These two leafy vegetables are very rich sources of iron and help in the treatment of anemia. Cooked spinach can be taken as a side dish everyday while lettuce is good as salad.
– ALMONDS : Soak 7-8 almonds in water for 3 hours and remove its skin. You may eat the soaked almonds or make a paste of it and swallow.
– Try to cook in iron pots; it is proven that doing it can significantly increases the amount of iron in your foods.

– Avoid drinking coffee, tea and ingesting antacids, because they decrease iron absorption.
– It’s very important to get the proper nutrients into the body. Eating a diet rich in cereals, rice, pastas, dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheese), vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry and fish, and finally dry beans, eggs, and nuts. Has been proven to help boost the immune system.

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