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Caring for the skin and common ailments

Beauty, they say, is skin deep. Whether or not this is true, beauty definitely begins with a
healthy skin. A beautiful skin is a mirror to good health. Yet we often tend to neglect our skin,
taking it for granted until it develops certain disorders.

Our Skin :
Our skin is a multi-layered tissue that provides a protective covering for the body. Although
it is similar in basic composition in all people, its color, look, and feel varies from person to person.
These layers of skin are richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels and help us perceive the sense of touch.
Skin also performs the function of regulating body temperature through sweat glands that are present within its layers.

Common Skin Ailments :
– Acne or pimples.
– Eczema or skin rash.
– Contact allergy.
– Fungal infections.
– Hives or Urticaria.
– Leucoderma or Vitiligo, or white patches.
– Psoriasis.
– Skin Cancer

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