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Contact Allergy

It is a type of skin rash that occurs when a substance that irritates the skin touches it constantly. A substance
that may be completely harmless to some may lead to an allergic skin reaction in others.
The most common manifestation of contact allergy is an itchy rash. The affected area first becomes itchy, then red and swollen
with vesicles (water bubbles). Although usually confined to the area of contact, the rash can spread to other parts of the body.
Occasionally the rash is more chronic, manifesting as an itchy patch that does not heal for weeks or even months.
This usually occurs when there is frequent contact with the substance.

What kind of substances can cause contact allergy ?
While each case is different, some common substances that cause irritation are watchstraps, nickel(used in jewellery), cosmetics,
dyes, rubber products and soaps.

How it is confirmed that a person is having contact allergy ?
The dermatologist will conduct a skin test called “patch test” to confirm a diagnosis of contact allergy. This is a very safe procedure.
Usually, several suspected allergies are tested simultaneously. A positive reaction indicates that the patient is allergic to the test
substance and needs to avoid it.

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