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Meditation can help keep Blood Pressure under control

The proponents of meditation have always claimed that it has numerous benefits that modern science ignores, with modern science being fixated on medicines, ignoring some of the values of traditional healing. In recent times, scientific studies carried out on meditation have revealed that there are benefits that are available for those practicising meditation, such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, and even reducing the side effects of drugs meant to deal with hypertension (link to article):

The findings revealed that practicing Transcendental Meditation led to approximate reduction of 4.7 mm systolic blood pressure and 3.2 mm diastolic blood pressure.
Dr James W Anderson, lead author and professor of medicine at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, insisted that reduction in the blood pressure could significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease without the side effects of drugs.

Such a study would mean that people with risks of high blood pressure, anxiety and stress should also use meditation as a method to reduce their problems.

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