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Psoriasis – Chronic ailment of the skin

It is a chronic ailment of skin that is seen as thick reddish, scaly patches on thescalp, limbs and chest. It is an ailment
charaterized by an increased rate of skin cell turnover. The affected skin becomes dry and unsightly, and gets itchy
in hot and humid climates. Common sites of the body affected are the elbows, the knees and the back. A partof our skin, nails also
show changes like “pitting” of their surface in up to half of people who have psoriasis. Joint pains and swelling are
associated in 5% to as much as 40% in more extensive psoriasis.

What causes Psoriasis ?
The cause of psoriasis is unknown. Studies point to a genetic predisposition, although a complex interaction with environmental
factors is necessary to trigger off the appearance of psoriasis. Once psoriasis starts, there will be periods of remission alternating
with periods of active psoriasis.

Can Psoriasis be treated ?
Treatment is most effective if this ailment is diagnosed early. Therefore, contact the doctor as soon as you notice any scaly patches
on your skin.

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