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Cataract and its details

Cataract is also known as Motia. An eye affected by cataract develops cloudiness or opacity in the crystalline lens area. The
vision gets progressively blurred as the density of this opacity increases.

What are the causes for Cataract ?
Cataract can develop due to various causes. These include :
– Heredity
– Eye injuries
– Diabetes
– Aging process

Age has been found to be a significant factor leading to cataract. In fact, it has been observed that one out of every two people
begin to develop cataract after 65 years and virtually everybody encounters some cataract formation by the age of 70 years.

What are the symptoms of cataract ?
the most common symptom of cataract is blurred vision. in addition, a patient may experience :
– Double vision.
– A need to change spectacles frequently.
– A dulling of colors.
– A dimming of the glare of light.

Although cataract usually develops bilaterally, the rate of formation of cataract is different in each eye. As a result, vision
varies significantly between the two eyes. Unfortunately, cataract cannot be prevented.

Is there a cure for cataract ?
There is a safe procedure, which significantly improves the condition of the eye. it involves removing the damaged lens and substituting
it with an appropriate corrective lens. This surgery has preserved sight for millions of people. Cataract surgery is not an emergency,
except in cases when it causes Glaucoma. In such cases, the eye gets severely inflamed and needs immediate attention. Over 95 percent
of the 500,000 patients who have cataracts removed each year in this country, report a significant improvement in vision.

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