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Lifestyle Modifications in Diabetes

– Stress Management : Managing stress is very important as increased stress levels can make your glucose levels go up. Coping with diabetes can be stressful. Talk to your family and close friends who can offer support and help to you. Try and keep yourself calm. Try to take deep breaths as and when possible. Yoga and meditation also helps in reducing stress. If you often feel stressed, you should talk to your doctor who can work out a stress management plan for you.

– Exercise : Regular exercise can help you to lower your blood glucose levels, improve blood circulation, lower cholestrol, help to reduce stress and thereby, improve your physical condition.

– Diet : Diet plays an important role in diabetes management as 50% of the treatment is dependent on medication and the rest 50% on diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. Our diet has three major nutrients : Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. Carbohydrates have a major role to play, as this is the nutrient which is converted into
gllucose in our body. Eat three light meals a day with small mid meal snacks. Eat lots of vegetables, whole-wheat products, oats, brown bread etc. try and avoid choclates, cakes and sweats. Avoid deep fried and greasy foods. If you are overweight, you may be asked to opt for a reduced calorie meal plan that will help you loose weight. managing diabetes is much easier if you are not overweight. Consult your dietician for a proper meal plan.

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