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Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Fasting : 80-120 mg/dl
Pre-meal : Less than 130 mg/dl
Post-meal(PP) : Less than 160 mg/dl
A diabetic should strive to maintain his/her blood sugar level as close to normal level as possible.

Low Blood Sugar
Insulin or pills help to control diabetes but can sometimes cause low blood sugar, especially during/after exercise if you :
– Skip a meal.
– Eat late meals.
– Do not eat enough.
– Take too much medication.

If you have low blood sugar, you may feel shaky or dizzy, sweaty irritable, hungry or tired. In such conditions, it is important to eat or drink something sweet right away. Consult your doctor immediately.

High Blood Sugar
In general, high blood sugar is defined as plasma glucose above 126 mg/dl fasting and above 200 mg/dl after meals. If your blood sugar remains high for long periods of time, it can cause significant short term and long term complications as mentioned. It is therefore important to keep your blood sugar under control by creating a balance between lifestyle modifications and medications such as pills or insulin.

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