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Use chilli peppers to relieve pain

When we say that chilli peppers can help in relieving pain, it does not mean that if you are suffering from pain, you consume some chillis (that may lead to additional pain of a different kind). It means that chillis contain a compound that can help in the treatment of peripheral pain in a significant percentage of cases (although there are other scientists who disagree with the study, and you can read those comments at the bottom of the page) (link to article):

A new study by British researchers suggests that people suffering peripheral pain – which produces stinging sensations, numbness, weakness, burning pain – can get respite by taking capsaicin cream, an active constituent of chilli peppers. Peripheral pains often accompany disorders like diabetes, AIDS, shingles and arthritis; cancer patients can have peripheral neuropathies after receiving their therapies.
The team said that capsaicin cream could be used when the treatment has not been affective. The report has been published in the latest issue of The Cochrane Library.

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