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Fight heart disease – eat more of nuts, green vegetables

How many times have you been told by family to eat more vegetables, more green stuff, and even nuts (although more in control) ? In today’s fast lifestyle, the temptation to satiate one’s appetite through the consumption of junk food such as burgers, fries, chips, pizzas, and colas is very tempting. However, in order to retain the health of the body and give it a good set of nutrients, it is important that people get an adequate number of nutrients as a part of their diet. As per research, these food items contain chemicals that are important for the body to combat the onset of diseases such as heart disease, and are very important for the over-weight and obese sections of society (the percentage of whom is growing in society). It is very important that people ensure that they are getting enough to eat (link to article):

Eating more plant-based foods, which are rich in substances called phytochemicals, seems to prevent oxidative stress in the body, a process associated with obesity and the onset of heart disease, according to the study. To get enough of these protective chemicals, researchers suggest eating plant-based foods such as leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes at the start of a meal. Oxidative stress occurs when the body produces too many damaging free radicals and lacks enough anti-oxidants or phytochemicals to counteract them.
Because of excess fat tissue and certain enzymes that are more active in overweight people, being obese can actually trigger the production of more free radicals, too.

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