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Chew gum to reduce weight

Sounds a bit strange, right ? After all, chewing gum would supposedly mean that you are consuming a substance that has plenty of sugar, and inbetween meals, somewhat similar to the practice of snacking in between meals. But surprisingly, research has indicated that chewing gum can actually result in lower calorie intake, and after all, this would result in lowering of body weight and size. And we are not even talking about the sugar-free chewing gum, but about the normal sugared chewing gum that is available for most people. This was done through a randomized test of volunteers, and the science dealing with this deals with a higher amount of energy expenditure that is caused through the chewing of gum; further, the portion of the brain that deals with hunger might be satiated by the chewing of the gum (link to article):

When study subjects chewed gum for a total of one hour in the morning (three 20-minute gum-chewing sessions), they consumed 67 fewer calories at lunch and did not compensate by eating more later in the day. Male participants also reported feeling significantly less hungry after chewing gum. Melanson also found that when her subjects chewed gum before and after eating, they expended about 5 percent more energy than when they did not chew gum. In addition, her subjects reported feeling more energetic after chewing gum.
According to the URI researcher, nerves in the muscles of the jaw are stimulated by the motion of chewing and send signals to the appetite section of the brain that is linked to satiety, which may explain why the act of chewing might help to reduce hunger.

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