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What should be the time gap between eating and exercise ?

No definite answers, but it depends on the amount of food, and type of meal. It is an error to say that you should always have a gap of around 1-2 hours between when you eat, and when you exercise. After all, it is recommended to eat a banana or similar kind of fruit before you are going in for an exercise, and that does not seem to cause any harm.
What is however recommended is that if you are having a meal, whether it be light or heavy, a minimum gap of around 30 minutes should be there before you start exercising. You can start exercise as quickly as 30 minutes after a meal, but this should be a light meal. If you have had a heavy meal such as lunch or dinner, increase this gap to as much as 1 hour and 30 minutes. And of course, if during your exercise, you feel some discomfort, you should stop your exercise.
On the converse side, if you have done some intensive exercise, you should wait at least 30 minutes before going in for a meal.
However, there are some constraints to this advice. The blood and food chemistry of every individual is different, so this time requirement also varies between people. And of course, for diabetics, they should check with their doctors before going in for such exercise routines.

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