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Diabetes – Avoiding weight gain due to accumulation of glucose

One of the main characteristics of Diabetes Mellitus is the inability of the cells of the body to absorb the glucose present in the blood steam. This results in a higher level of the glucose in the blood, which is why the sugar levels of the diabetes afflicted is normally higher. However, a high level of blood sugar (with fasting above 110, post Prandial above 140 mg) can lead to damage to different sections of the body such as the blood vessels, the kidney, feet, eyes, and also lead to cardio-vascular problems. However, another side effect is the accumulation of this unabsorbed glucose leading to the weight level of the patient increasing. This increase in weight has other side effects, and is something that needs to be avoided.
How do you avoid an increase of the weight that is normally a part of diabetes ? Well, there is no easy way – you need to control your diet, and increase the level of physical exercise you do. Some of the measures you can take are:
– Have a more regulated diet – Eat breakfast regularly, and eat healthy. Contrary to popular belief that skipping meals helps, it can result in a reduced level of the body metabolism, which means the energy being burnt by the body reduces.
– Eat healthy. In today’s world, the consumption of junk foods such as fried stuff, pizzas, burgers, chips and fries, carbonated high sugar fizzy drinks, all of these tend to increase the weight of the body. You should modify this diet to include more fibre such as vegetables, oats, whole grains, etc. This has a great effect in controlling the gain in weight.
– Exercise. If you are going somewhere close by, walk rather than go by car. Go out for walks after meals. If you can use the stairs rather than the elevator, do so. Go for a jog in the morning, and soon you will find that you get a energy rush in the morning that helps you for the rest of the day.
– Check you sugar levels periodically. This helps in ensuring that your sugar level remains in control, and has a good effect on weight control.

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