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Quick tip: Foot care for diabetics

One of the complications / side effects of having a high sugar level is the effect on the foot. Too often, one hears of people with very high sugar levels who have had to have their feet amputated due to the damage caused by a high blood glucose level. This makes it essential that you try to keep your sugar levels in check, and at the same time make sure that you get your feet checked out at regular intervals (more so if you are a diabetic with a high sugar level). Some of the steps you should take to ensure that your feet remain healthy are:
– Visit your doctor for regular inspection of your feet
– Make sure that your feet are washed on a daily basis, and you do not ignore any wounds or lesions on your feet
– Be careful about what you apply between your toes, since that area tends to retain oils for longer periods
– Make sure that you do not get tempted to increase your toenails (cut them often), and cut them straight (since that reduces the chances of having ingrown nails at the corners of the nails)
– Make sure that your feet remain warm and dry (this means that you should not subject your feet to cold conditions, and if wet, dry them quickly)
– This one is a bit more strange, but important. Don’t sit with your feet crossed.

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