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Heart troubles related to diabetes

Diabetes comes with many complications due to the presence of a higher level of blood sugar caused by the non absorption of the glucose into cells. The higher level of glucose causes thickening of the arteries, and deposits on the walls of the arteries causes reduction in the blood flow, which in turn seriously impacts the heart. Research also shows that silent attacks are also more common with diabetics, and recommend that regular ECG’s are the best way to detect these, since there is no other easy way to detect whether a person has heart problems (link to article):

Cardiologists say that those suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to cardiovascular problems as compared to those who don’t. Statistics show that 65% patients with diabetes die from cardiovascular disease, 20-35% of patients with heart disease have diabetes and 55-60% patients undergoing bypass surgery are diabetics.
Cardiologists also believe that silent attacks are more common with diabetics. “Since the arteries get clogged, it causes pain in the chest. But with diabetic patients, these arteries also cause loss of the nerve function, because of which, the patient might not experience pain while getting an attack,” said Dr Udyavar.

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