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Obesity linked to cancer

Obesity has been acknowledged to be a medical problem that can increase the risk of a number of diseases and afflictions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases including heart problems. But the link to cancer is not clear. However research suggests that a high level of obesity causes changes in the level of hormones in the body that in turn is linked to a growth in the chances of developing cancer, as well as other factors that are also linked to a higher risk of cancer (link to article):

Excess body fat makes a person vulnerable to cancer by increasing the amount of hormones like estrogen circulating in the body and disrupting how the body processes insulin, which is linked to higher risk of cancer. It also triggers low-grade inflammation in the body, which is increasingly being found to play a role in cancer.
Weight gain after a cancer diagnosis is also likely to affect the outcome, say researchers. “An increasing number of studies suggest that regular physical activity improves cancer survival, even among survivors who are overweight or obese,” the Independent quoted AICR researchers as saying.

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