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Keep Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy is essential for many different reasons. Besides being beneficial to the unborn baby and providing he or she with all the vitamins and nutrients they need to be born healthy, keeping healthy and fit during pregnancy helps the mom to be happier and able to withstand some of the symptoms of pregnancy better.

– Exercise can help prevent gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that sometimes develops during pregnancy.
– Exercise can help relieve stress and build the stamina needed for labor and delivery.
– Exercise can help new mothers keep the “baby blues” at bay, cope with postpartum depression, regain their energy and lose the weight they gained during pregnancy.
– Seek fitness advice from your obstetrician.
– Incorporate a variety of different fitness activities into a weekly schedule.
– Join a pregnancy club.
– Know your limitations and know when to stop.
– Create reasons to keep the body moving.
– Keep fitness activities simple. By keeping the activities simple, it will encourage you to do them more frequently.
– Monitor your weight.
– Gaining more weight than necessary will contribute to health problems during the pregnancy as well as make it harder to keep your body active.
– Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.
– Drink plenty of water.
– Pregnant women should never smoke, drink or do drugs during pregnancy.

NOTE : It’s best to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. You may have a medical condition that would make exercise harmful to you or your baby. If your doctor approves, you can start exercising at a level that does not cause pain, shortness of breath or excessive tiredness. You may then slowly increase your activity.

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