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Negativity can lead to ill health

Negative thoughts can be detrimental to an individual’s life. It can bring about bad luck, health issues, so forth. Most of time when an individual considers that they are cursed or damned, the real cause is negativity.
Negative thoughts or pessimism can also be disastrous on a magical/spiritual level. Thoughts are stronger than most people think. This is because thoughts create energy. Intense negative thought can make negative things to occur. That is why it is very essential to be optimistic. If it seems as if something bad is going to happen, instead of dwelling on it, do something to prevent it.
The unpleasant feelings make the heart’s rhythms less coherent. Since the heart rhythms are the strongest in the body, they entrain all other physical systems. The heart also contains neurons much like those in the brain and both sends and receives messages from the brain. So, the emotional center affects thought and is affected by thoughts.
A negative body image, if severe enough, can:
* Increase your risk of depression and anxiety.
* Trigger feelings of low self-esteem.
* Make it difficult for you to concentrate.
* Lead you to engage in risky behavior.
* Lead to social isolation.
* Spawn mental health issues.
* Lead you to avoid a healthy lifestyle, including eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise.

The best way to relieve ourselves of negativity is to take some exercise and consider a change in our lifestyle. Smoke fewer cigarettes or give up completely, cut down on the coffee and alcohol, listen to relaxing music regularly and take a thirty minute stroll in the park rather than slouching in front of the television. Relax by reading a book or do anything that takes your mind off your troubles and remember to appreciate the good things in life.

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