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Possible cure for Diabetes Type 2 – read on

For people who suffer from Diabetes Type 2 (in which they are unable to transfer the glucose in their blood steam to their cells for energy purposes), there is a need to either consume medication, or take insulin so as to ensure that the glucose is consumed and their blood sugar level remains consistent and within limits. On the other hand, if the diabetes is not under control, it has a devastating effect on the body over a long term. Right now, diabetes does not have a cure, and finding a cure is the Holy Grail in diabetes research; however, if somebody that they have a cure, there is some amount of cynicism over such claims.
Well, here is another claim that research has unearthed a possible approach to a cure (link to article):

In a path-breaking research, PGI doctors have reportedly found a very effective solution for diabetes type 2 through stem cell
transplantation technique. With positive results expected, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has given its nod to fund the study further. Started by PGI’s departments of endocrinology, transfusion medicine and radio diagnosis in December 2006, the paper was published in an international journal, Stem Cells Development, in September 2009.
Type 2 diabetes is characterized by two defects — insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. The former is fairly constant, with beta cell function progressively deteriorating and majority of patients finally being on insulin. It is targeted by insulin sensitizers, metformin and glitazone. The latter is treated with sulphonylureas, insulin and a new class of drug, DPP IV inhibitors.

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