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Yoga for a great sex life

Sex is one of the great joys of life, and also responsible for the propagation of life. When sexual activity is at a peak, there is a corresponding upliftment in the joyous feeling that people have; conversely if a person is in an active sexual age, and sexual activity is diminished, it can bring down the emotions and feelings that a person experiences. There is a huge business, both in terms of medical (advice, counseling, medicines (Viagra, etc)), and non-scientific (traditional medicines such as various herbs and shrubs, ointments, and so on); with the constant drive to discover more such way to improve the overall sexual life.
And then there are those who seek to improve sexual life from within, who believe that a person’s sexuality and their urges are dependent on energy centers within the body, and it is for such people (and also for those who would like to try non-chemical ways to improve their sexual lives) that this article was written (link):

Delhi-based yoga expert Mini Shastri advises Surya Namaskar every morning for a scared sexual connection. ” Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 different poses, back bends, forward bends. While doing the namaskar you contract and expand your nerves to the pelvic girdle, which is your sexual core. This stimulates your sexual hormones and helps you achieve a new sexual equilibrium. While kundalini yoga is also beneficial for a better sex life. For instance, vrkasana or the scorpio pose helps your reproductive organs.”
Sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari believes, yoga is the perfect for emotional, sexual and spiritual well-being. “There are certain asanas that enhance physical intimacy — bhramari prayanam , chanting of Om with eyes and ears closed reduces anxiety, helps in contracting and expanding sexual nerves. While vajrasana helps in erectile dysfunctions, vajroli and ashwini mudra can help pregnant women pursue a healthy sex life after delivery. These mudras help the pelvic muscles. I also advise surya namaskar to those who have endrocrine imbalance. If you follow these excercises, yoga can really improve your sex life.”

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