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Depression very deadly, equivalent to smoking

A bit odd to compare smoking and depression, but the intent of the article was to claim that depression should not be unstated and should be brought out into the open as a dangerous affliction. Smoking is seen as something dangerous that substantially increases the chances of getting into more dangerous complications such as cancer, lung problems; and eventually increases the chance of mortality happening earlier. However, a recent study claims that those people suffering from depression had the same mortality risk as those who smoked.
This was a surprise, since depression is not evaluated in terms of its impact on the mortality chances of an individual, although it has an impact on a higher level of suicide rates, and decreased satisfaction level with life. This means that there should be a greater focus on those people who suffer from depression on an ongoing basis (link to article):

“Unlike smoking, we don’t know how causal the association with depression is but it does suggest that more attention should be paid to this link because the association persisted after adjusting for many other factors,” he said. The study also showed that patients with depression face an overall increased risk of mortality, while a combination of depression and anxiety in patients lowers mortality compared with depression alone.
“One of the main messages from this research is that ‘a little anxiety may be good for you,” Stewart said. “It appears that we’re talking about two risk groups here. People with very high levels of anxiety symptoms may be naturally more vulnerable due to stress, for example through the effects stress has on cardiovascular outcomes.

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