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Tension or Constant Headaches

Headaches are the most frustrating physical problem. No one is able to see any manifestations from outside and you keep on suffering and all the regular activities get disturbed.
Tension or Constant headaches are usually caused by the contracting of the layer of muscle around your skull, which in turn can decrease blood flow to your head. That’s why you’ll feel a band of pressure around your head, and that steady pain typical in tension headaches. The tension type headaches are manifested by the bilateral pain and this can last for 30 minutes to 7 days.
If we consider the causes specifically then the reason of tension type headache is tightness of muscles in your face, scalp, shoulder, neck, jaw etc. This can occur due to stressful environment, severe anxiety or even depression. Sometimes if you are working too hard or not getting sufficient sleep or skipping meals, you can get the tension headaches.

– Reduce stress.
– Avoid eating or drinking foods with aspartame. For those who are sensitive to the chemical it may cause blood vessels to expand in the brain and trigger a headache.
– Too much caffeine can have a ‘rebound’ effect and actually cause headaches. If you suffer from regular headaches you should avoid daily use of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and certain sodas.
– Do not skip meals.
– Excessive exercise outdoors and lack of hydration can lead to
– Releasing or loosening the hair and performing a brief massage to the head can bring almost immediate relief.
– Foods that are pickled in brine can bring on headaches.

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