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Protect your skin during winters

In the winter, a drop in humidity and temperature coupled with a higher thermostat setting at home results in drier air. For most people, dry air can lead to dry, itchy skin.
“It’s important to try and control some parts of your immediate environment,” Myers said. “The goal is to keep as much moisture in the skin as possible to prevent any itching, irritation or redness.”

Tips to protect your skin in winter season :
– Use humidifiers throughout the house or at least in the bedroom.
– Wear protective gloves to minimize exposure to the elements.
– Don’t squint in the glare of snow and ice. Wear sunglasses when necessary.

– Expose your hair to deep conditioning. Massage your hair in aloe Vera juice for a few minutes. This will restore its softness.
– Treat your hair with oil massage once or twice a week. Olive oil can work wonders in reinforcing moisture to your hair. Heat the oil before using and allow it to soak for a time lesser than the time you allot for the summer season. Too long a period of soaking hair in oil can get you ill.
– Avoid exposing your hair to frequent coloring, streaking, or ironing as they can rob your hair off its moisture.
– Expose your hair to natural drying.

– A proper nutritious intake helps in rejuvenating the skin from within.
– Drink water regularly throughout the day.
– Primrose syrup and olive oil in your diet also aids in softening your skin.
– Pamper you skin with a little coconut oil before bath to heal dryness and chaps.
– Moisturizers and cold creams are a must in the winters.
– Add a few drops of oil to the water that you are using to bath. This will help retain the moisture lost when bathing.
– Take shorter, cooler showers instead of longer, hotter ones.
– After showering and before drying off completely, apply a moisturizer or emollient on the skin.
– Give your skin steam treatments and steam baths. After the steam treatment, lock in moisture with a deeply replenishing cream, lotion or gel.
– Protect skin around eyes with a richer, cell replenishing formula in winter.
– Protect lips with lip balm or gel.

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