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Non-Essential Aminoacids

Amino acids are organic compounds with at least one amino group and one carboxl group.
– The amino groups include at least one NH3 molecule.
– The carboxy contains at least one COOH molecule.
– These amino acid molecules are combined in long chains to form proteins.
– Amino acids are the basic building blocks of organic structure.

Non-essential amino acids are also called dispensable amino acids, an amino acid that can be synthesized in the body, provided there is enough source of nitrogen.

– Alanine: Removes toxic substances released from breakdown of muscle protein during intensive exercise. Side effects: Excessive alanine level in the body is associated with chronic fatigue.
– Cysteine: Component of protein type abundant in nails, skin and hair. It acts as antioxidant (free radical scavenger), and has synergetic effect when taken with other antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium.
– Cystine: The same as cysteine, it aids in removal of toxins and formation of skin.
– Glutamine: Promotes healthy brain function. It is also necessary for the synthesis of RNA and DNA molecules.
– Glutathione: Is antioxidant and has anti-aging effect. It is useful in removal of toxins.
– Glycine: Component of skin and is beneficial for wound healing. It acts as neurotransmitter. The side effect of high level glycine in the body is that it may cause fatigue.
– Histidine: Important for the synthesis of red and white blood cells. It is a precursor for histamine which is good for sexual arousal. Improve blood flow. Side effects of high dosage of histidine include stress and anxiety.
– Serine: Constituent of brain proteins and aids in the synthesis of immune system proteins. It is also good for muscle growth.
– Taurine: Necessary for proper brain function and synthesis of amino acids. It is important in the assimilation of mineral nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.
– Threonine: Balances protein level in the body. It promotes immune system. It is also beneficial for the synthesis of tooth enamel and collagen.
– Asparagine: It helps promote equilibrium in the central nervous system—aids in balancing state of emotion.
– Apartic acid: Enhances stamina, aids in removal of toxins and ammonia from the body, and beneficial in the synthesis of proteins involved in the immune system.
– Proline: play role in intracellular signalling.
– L-arginine: plays role in blood vessel relaxation, stimulating and maintaining erection in men, production of ejaculate, and removal of excess ammonia from the body.

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