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Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil

Almonds build up healthy mind and body, used also for cosmetics and perfumes. Their oil has medicinal and food values.

Bitter Almond Oil : Around 50% of the oil obtained from bitter almond is known to contain 3 basic components: Benzaldehyde, Hydrogen Cyanide and Glycoside. The remaining 50% contains monounsaturated fatty acids and other components similar to that in sweet almonds. Bitter almonds need to be handled with utmost care, as they contain some deadly poisons.
– Febrifuge : This bitterness and toxicity inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and protozoans, thereby proving beneficial in controlling growth of infections. These properties of bitter almond oil have caused it to be used as a febrifuge in very small doses to treat frequent fevers. However, its use as a febrifuge has various toxic effects on the body.
– Sedative & Anesthetic : Bitter almond oil can be used to induce numbness. The glycoside, amygdalin present in it causes the nerves to become insensitive to any kind of sensation. However, this oil should be applied externally for local anesthetic purposes only. Ingestion for total anesthetic reasons should never be attempted.
– Diuretic
The human body has a natural tendency to remove toxic substances from the body, via sweat, excreta and urine. Bitter almond oil when ingested in minuscule amounts causes the body to frequently urinate and throw it out. This frequent urination relaxes the body and helps weight loss. However, please do not try this at home. If you may take more than the minimum amount, you will land up in eternity.

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