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Research: A simple blood test capable of detecting breast cancer in woman

Breast cancer is a very dangerous form of cancer for woman, affecting a large number of them over the globe. There are multiple projects going to do early detection, along with finding out the risk factors that increase the chances of the breast cancer happening in some woman much more than others. For example, as woman reach middle age and become older, recommendations include checking for breast cancer on a regular basis. There is an effort to try and detect breast cancers when they are much smaller, so that the chance of a successful treatment that will happen much quicker and be less prolonged gets increased. Right now, existing tests are through checking for lumps (can be through a self-examination) or through a mammogram. Well, research is indicating that a simpler blood test that checks for certain chemicals in the blood may also be a much faster alternative (link to article):

Normal breast screening checks, using Xray mammograms, detect a tumour only once it is three or four times bigger, by which time it may have started to spread beyond breast. But, this test can pick up a cancer the size of a small seed before a woman has developed any symptoms. Developed by the scientists, led by Norwegian company Diagenic ASA, the test looks for raised levels of chemical “markers” for cancer picked up as blood flows through tumour, the ‘Sunday Express’ reported.
Dr James Mackay, an oncologist and researcher at University College London, is helping to launch the blood test for private patients. “This test will be particularly useful for younger women who are at risk of developing breast cancer. “They tend to have denser breasts which mammograms cannot easily penetrate. We are suggesting they have a mammogram and combine it with this test so that there is a greater chance of detection,” he said.

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