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Types of Cystitis – an inflammatory condition of urinary bladder

Cystitis means inflammation of the bladder. It is usually caused by a urine infection. Women are eight times more likely to have cystitis than men, as their urethra (the tube from the bladder that passes out urine) is shorter and opens nearer the anus.
There are different types of Cystitis :

Bacterial Cystitis

– When bacteria enter the urinary tract and start to multiply, bacterial cystitis can occur.
– Bacteria may enter through sexual intercourse, but the female genital and urinary tract naturally have bacteria that can cause infection.
– There are two primary types of bacterial infections of the bladder: community-acquired bladder infections and hospital-acquired, or nosocomial infections.

Noninfectious Cystitis

– When the bladder becomes inflamed for reasons other than bacteria, and when this happens, a diagnosis of noninfectious cystitis can be made.
– Types of cystitis in this category include drug-induced cystitis, radiation cystitis, foreign-body cystitis and chemical cystitis.
– Drug-induced cystitis occurs when medications irritate your bladder as the drugs are broken down and exit your body.
– Foreign-body cystitis typically occurs in people who have catheters for a period of time, which can lead to bacterial infections or tissue irritation.
– Radiation to the pelvic area, your bladder may become inflamed or irritated, which is radiation cystitis.
– Hypersensitivity to products like bubble bath or feminine hygiene products can cause chemical cystitis.

Eosinophilic Cystitis

– It is a rare form of cystitis that is diagnosed via biopsy.
– The cause of EC is also unknown though it has been triggered in children by certain medications.

Hemorrhagic Cystitis

It can occur as a side effect of cyclophosphamide therapy, and is often prevented by administering mesna.

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