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Coffee vs. Tea – Different Health Benefits Comparison

The most common question people get asked everyday is “Coffee or tea?” Both beverages are enjoyed around the world and is part of almost everyone’ daily routine.
Drinking tea is often thought to be healthful, while coffee drinking has traditionally been maligned as unhealthy. In recent years, however, coffee’s several health benefits have been brought to light. Additionally, the health benefits of tea and coffee have been minimized in certain beverages made with them.
Both green and black teas are known to contain many antioxidants. Tea also helps keep bones strong and, unlike coffee, does not stain teeth. Tea has been shown to boost the immune system and raise metabolism. Recent studies show that those who drink coffee have a reduced risk for getting Parkinson’s Disease, developing colon cancer or getting type 2 diabetes.
When it comes to health benefits, tea will always beat coffee, especially white and green tea. Tea has more antioxidants per cup than coffee does, and also contains less caffeine. A cup of black tea has half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee, and a hell of a lot more antioxidants such as flavonoids, catechins, and tannins. Coffee does not have as much as these properties present, but does have its share of minerals.
When it come to tea vs coffee as far as varieties, There are literally thousands of varieties and sub varieties of tea that are processed by many different cultures worldwide. Tea is also a more social beverage than coffee and is a better choice if one just wants to relax with a calming drink.
While both beverages have health benefits, it is clear that tea can be the safer choice between the two. Coffee, despite the good things one can get from drinking it, should really be drunk in moderation. Too much intake can lead to increased heart risk, as caffeine can affect the artery functions, precipitate heartburn, raise anxiety, and quicken heartbeat. Furthermore, caffeine can also speed bone loss, and in pregnant women, this is dangerous as it affects the mother’s birth weight and might result in miscarriage. In these cases, coffee should be cut down or switch to tea instead to avoid further health complications.

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