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Hot water therapy-physiological effects, indications, precautions

Heat tolerance is one of those individual preferences. The hot water has many physiological effects.

Physiological effects of Hot water
– A temporary increase in blood pressure is noticed.
– Superficial circulation is increased.
– Blood supply to muscles in increased.
– Sedation of sensory motor neurons and pain relief.
– Respiration rate is increased.
– Sweating is promoted and there is an increase in elimination of metabolic waste.
– Muscle relaxation and relief of muscle spasm.
– Heart rate is increased.
– Blood volume is increased.
– Metabolism is increased with more oxygen reaching to tissues and increasing carbon dioxide production.
– Immune system is stimulated.
– Increased anti body production.

Indications of Hot Water therapy
– Arthritis
– Back pain
– Sprains and strains
– Stiffness
– Muscle spasm
– Muscle tension
– Bruises
– Neuralgia

When Hot Water Therapy should not be done ?
– Malignancy
– Active Tuberculosis
– Fever
– Severe hydrophobia
– Vascular disease
– Skin rashes or skin infections
– Acute bleeding
– Open wounds
– Seizures
– Severe cardiac complications
– Thermal nerve deficiency

Precautions using Hot Water Therapy

– Pregnancy
– Injury
– Diabetes
– Obesity or physical disability
– Cardiac history
– Loss of sensation

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