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What is the disease if bad backs are the symptoms.

The two largest causes of back and neck pain now-a-days are mental stress and desk work. Mental stress can make the neck tighten and upper back muscles , as though they are getting ready to ward off a blow from above. Shoulders are chronically raised, the possible range of motion of the head is reduced, and the human turtle becomes a sitting duck for the sneeze, slip, or bend that throws out an upper back, lower back, or neck.

Sitting and staring at a desktop or computer screen all day, upper bodies become overdeveloped. muscles remain in the state of chronic tension. Simultaneously, lower bodies become weak from disuse setting the scene for the pain and tightness that creates the lower back into painful spasm.

Person should identify your bodily discomforts as symptoms of a lifestyle that is dysfunctional in certain ways, you can actually use your back and neck pain to motivate you to change for the better both physically and mentally.

Whether the problem is new or old, periodic or chronic, two things should be done. First, a professional medical opinion should be sought. Second, when the treatment and healing period by the doctor is over, an exercise program needs to be began to condition the muscles of your back or neck to avoid recurrence of the problem.

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