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Deep massage or self massage techniques

Deep massage or self massage concentrates on finding and massaging the pressure points. Massage can help stimulate the circulation of blood in tense muscles. Massage also physically loosens the chronically contracted muscle fibers, helping the muscle to reach a more lengthened and relaxed state.
Just a few seconds of deep massage will enhance the effects of exercises and stretches. The massage techniques remain the same, whether done in shower bath or hot tub.
– As you stand under the shower or soak in the tub, relax. Do some simple breathing exercises.
– Two standard techniques for finding and loosening those tender pressure points are the finger walk and the finger stroke.
– Start on the massages that include one for upper back, neck, shoulders, one for the lower back and one for the middle back.

Stand, place one hand over your chest, and the other on your stomach. Inhale, expand you stomach as air fills in. When your stomach feels full, do the same with your chest. When inhaling is done, begin to exhale while gently pushing in on your chest, so that the air leaves the chest first. Then gently push in on the stomach, until that area too feels completely empty of air. Repeat the process, concentrating on filling the stomach, then the chest, then emptying the chest, and finally the stomach.
Repeat for about ten full breaths, feeling oxygen and steam from hot water fill you up.

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