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Two techniques for pain relief : Finger Walk and Finger stroke

The Finger Walk : Searching for pressure points

The finger walk is a convenient and natural way to find centers of tension, and apply helpful pressure. Use your fore and middle fingers so that the very tips walk in tiny steps across the muscle. Feel for tender spots that indicate pressure points by gently pressing into the tissue. Do not press very hard that it hurts wherever the fingers walk. The fingers should sink into the muscle beneath the skin at least a quarter of an inch.
When you feel a spot that is clearly more tender than the surrounding are, gently press into that spot. Make it hurt slightly. Continue to press with the same degree of pressure until the feeling of pain diminishes. Generally, this will take from 10 to 30 seconds. When the pain fades, do not press harder. Just let the pain fade out as much as it will, then continue your finger walk, and seek additional tender spots.

The Finger Stroke : Flushing the muscle

This stroke helps in increasing the circulation and flush tightened muscle fiber. Use the flats of your fingers, as if you are brushing off dust. The difference is that you are pressing more deeply into the muscle. Brush your hand slowly along the length of the muscle, working along the muscle in the direction of your heart. As you work, visualize your hand flushing the muscle to loosen it and increase circulation.
Try to find the exact point of pain or tightness in the area of the muscle and once you have found them, press gently into those points and then slowly move your fingers in circles around the points where the pain is concentrated. What this achieves is, it causes more contact with the painful points of the muscle and experiment with your finger movement to find the best way to get some relief.
This is not just finger contact, you need to apply pressure; all your finger strokes should be in a direction such that they are in a movement towards the center of the body.

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