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Hot Water Therapy Massage : The Trapezius Walk and The Sacrum Stroke

The Trapezius Walk

The trapezius hot water therapy massage is meant for neck, trapezius and upper back. It could be done in shower bath or hot tub. This deep massage technique should be a part of day to day routine for neck pain, upper back pain, or tension headaches.
– Reach left hand up to the base of your skull and start walking your fingers down along the left side of the center of your neck until you reach the base of your neck.
– Switch hands and work your way down the shoulder, along the trapezius to the bony area at the top of your left shoulder.
– Stop and concentrate on any tender spots by pressing into them gently until the pain recedes.
– Repeat it on the right side, beginning with your right hand at the top of your spine and switching to your left hand as you reach the right trapezius muscle.
– Work down a little into the upper back as well.

The Sacrum Stroke

The sacrum stroke is meant for lower back. This is done in shower, bath, or hot tub.
– Place palms on either side of the top of your pelvis, so that thumbs can be conveniently used to make small circles on the muscles on either side of spine.
– Work your way down onto the flat, bony part of the back of the pelvis.
– As you get lower, you may want to reverse your hands and use your fingers instead of your thumbs.
– If any pressure points are found, press gently into them until the pain recedes.

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