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Exercise techniques : why exercise is important?

Rhythmic exercise can help your back and neck in two ways. It will loosen joints and muscles, and it will increase the range of motion that is possible. Certain exercises can do this by contracting and relaxing the muscle fibers that have gotten used to being permanently shortened.
Exercise helps flush muscle tissues that suffers from a permanent state of semi-contraction and decreased blood circulation. On full contraction of muscles, toxic materials are pushed out of the blood. Soon after, when the blood moves back in due to the relaxation of muscles, the blood carries along fresh nutrients and more oxygen.
It is similar to cleaning a dirty cloth. You would put it in clean water, squeeze it elsewhere, then again put it in the water and squeeze it elsewhere. Through this method the dirt in the cloth gets removed.
Many of these exercises can be done outside the shower and without water but it is important to understand that these exercises get far more affected when done inside a shower, especially with hot water since hot water has an advantage by increasing blood circulation and causing localized relaxation wherever the water comes into contact with the body.
An improvement technique:these exercises would be far from effective if some amount of massage (even if only for a minute or so) is applied on the affected muscle groups. Another important precaution is more about safety: a bath can be a slippery area and injuries due to falling or impact can be troublesome. It is necessary to have some object to act as an cushion, large bath towel placed at the bottom of the bath is ideal for this purpose (if it gets wet you can always dry it later).

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