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Hot Water Therapy Exercises: Shoulder Lifts and Shoulder Circles

Shoulder lifts are meant for the areas like neck, trapezius and upper back. In all these exercises, the assumption is a hot shower is beating down on your body. For doing this exercise, stand normally and the gap between your feet should be about 18 inches. Posture during standing: imagine you are hanging from a string where the string extends from the top of your head to a hook above your head. This ensures that you are standing straight and tall. Further, your shoulders are held loose and your arms are resting comfortably at your sides.
– Move your shoulders up (imagine the effort is to touch your shoulders to your ears) and, but your shoulders should not be moving to the front or the back. However, your head and neck should remain extended.
– Keep in this position for 6 seconds while breathing comfortably.
– Relax, get your shoulders slowly move to the normal position (you can use your finger tip to slowly move down your legs and drag your shoulders down along with them).
– Do this exercise for five more times.
– Standard precaution : you need to maintain a good posture.

Shoulder Circles

This exercise is also meant for neck, trapezius and upper back. Shoulder circles are very similar to shoulder lifts, the difference being you will mix circles with your shoulders instead of simply lifting them up.
– As in previous exercise, stand comfortably, and move your shoulders forward to the maximum extent possible, but your shoulders should not lift up.
– When your shoulders have gone the maximum possible forward without lifting, start raising your shoulders. Your arms and neck should not tighten.
– Without causing any turtling of the neck or tightening of any muscles other than in the shoulders, bring your shoulders as far back possible.
– Now complete the circle by bringing your shoulder down. After this, bring them to their normal relax position.
– The attempt should be to do this entire motion in one smooth motion rather than three or four separate motions even if it takes up to 30 seconds, it is fine for the first few attempts.
– Your breathing should remain normal.
– Now, do the shoulder circle in opposite direction.
– Once you are used to this exercise, it should not take more than 6 to 7 seconds per circle.

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