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Hot water therapy Exercise : Head Rock

The head rock exercise is meant to treat neck in hot shower.
– Stand comfortably in the hanging from a string posture.
– Turn head towards left, as far as it will go without pain.
– Keep shoulders relaxed, and as low as possible.
– Keeping towards left, lift your chin gently as high as it goes without pain, eyes on the ceiling.
– Maintain it for three to four seconds.
– Lower your chin gently still turned to the left.
– Keep lowering your chin with eyes on floor.
– Take three or four seconds to complete.
– If it seems hard to raise or lower your head while it is turned left, try turning it less before attempting to raise or lower it.
– Lift your chin and return to neutral.
– Repeat five more times keeping your breathing normal.
– Do the same to the right side, six times.
– Turn right, chin up, lower to neutral, chin down, back to neutral, repeat.
– Do not turtle your neck, you are better off making less of an up and down movement.
This exercise may help you become aware of how easy it is to turtle, without even thinking about it. Keep your shoulders low and neck extended throughout the exercise.

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