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Hot Water Therapy Exercise : Seal to Swan

The seal to swan hot water therapy exercise is meant to treat middle back.
– Stand straight in the usual comfortable erect position.
– Bring your shoulders straight forward without raising your shoulders or turtling your neck as though you were trying trying to touch them in front of you.
– Cross the wrists in front of you with your arms straight down and rotate so you can clap your hands.
– Bend forward slightly to increase the stretch and you will look a bit like a trained seal. This will fan out your shoulder blades and a tension is felt in the middle back. Try to aim the flow of water right where it’s tightest.
– Keep the muscles of legs and buttocks relax.
– Hold the position for approximately six seconds.
– Uncross the wrists, letting the shoulders relax. Without raising hands, bring your shoulders straight back and let your hands move gracefully out to the sides and back. This is posture of the swan.
– Allow arms to hang loosely behind you. Do not raise your shoulders.
– Hold the position for six seconds. Raise your chin slightly if that feels comfortable.
– Repeat for a total of six repetitions.
– It is the movement from seal to swan and back that works both chest and back muscles, but hold each position to feel the stretch.

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