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Hot Water Therapy Exercise : Scared Cat to Swaybacked Horse

The Scared cat and Swayhorse hot water therapy exercise is meant to treat middle and lower back. The assumption is that bath or hot tub is available.
– To avoid the hard surface of the tub, place a towel or a soft cushion beneath yourself.
– Get down on hands and legs, with all your weight balanced. The tops of the toes should touch the tub floor.
– Depth of the water does not matter but your face should be above the water surface.
– Arch your back upwards gently. Drop down your head and hold the position for six seconds.
– Do not tighten any muscles other than those directly needed to arch the back.
– If you want to try this exercise in hot shower, bend your legs slightly, resting hands and weight on knees. Arch your back upwards slightly, squeezing your stomach and forming a curve with your head hanging down.

The Swaybacked Horse

– While in scared cat position, slowly and carefully flatten your back and relax your stomach and back muscles so that your back drops down a bit.
– Raise your head.
– Hold it for six seconds and then return to neutral.
– Repeat both position for six times.
– If you want to try this exercise in hot shower, drop the lower back by relaxing the stomach muscles and letting the curves release. With hands still on knees, raise your head to form the horse. Hold for six seconds, directing the spray of water to the middle back.
– Repeat for six times.

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