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How does stretching work and what are different benefits of stretching?

In an exercise, there is repeated motion and not held for longer than about six seconds. A stretch might consist of the same motion, but it is done only once, and with the position held motionless for 30 to 60 seconds.
While stretch, you extend the muscle and joint to the extreme position that can be comfortably reached. It’s a general thought that stretching is a good warm up before engaging in exercise, but in reality, stretch is best done after the body has been warmed up by an exercise. After an exercise session loosens and flushes out a tight muscle, stretching acts like the final hearty squeeze that you give a sponge after you’ve wet it and wrung it out repeatedly.
The stretches are grouped by trouble spot. The stretches should never hurt. When the final stretch position is approached, some tightness or tension is felt. As you continue to hold the stretch, the tightness will diminish. This is a sign that the muscle fiber is relaxing and stretching.
Breathing deeply and regularly during a stretch will help to relax you and increase the effectiveness of the stretch. With each breath, feel the healing steam and oxygen rush in , and all stress and tension fly out.

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