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Hot Water Therapy Stretching : Head Down

The head down hot water stretching is meant to treat neck, trapezius, upper back and middle back in hot shower.
– Stand comfortably in the hanging from a string posture. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and as low as possible.
– Place the fingertips of both hands at the back part of the top of the head, as though you are peeling off a toupee from the rear forwards. Keep your elbows pointing forward, and do not rest the weight of your arms on your head.
– Gently begin to press forward with your fingertips, as you drop your chin towards your chest. Continue to press until you feel some tightness, but not pain, on both sides of your neck, and perhaps in your upper back.
– Relax into the tightness, and hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. If it should begin to hurt more instead of diminishing, reduce the pressure on your head.

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