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Hot Water Therapy Stretching: Elbow Across Chest

The Elbow Across Chest hot water therapy stretch is meant to treat middle back in hot shower.
– Stand comfortably in the erect hanging from a string position. Keep the shoulders relaxed and low.
– Touch the fingers of left hand to your left shoulder, pointing your left elbow straight out from your body at shoulder level.
– Grasp the outer side of your elbow with your right hand, and pull your left arm straight across your chest until a tension is felt but not pain in the left shoulder blade area. Hips or back should not be moved at all.
– Hold the tension point for about 30 seconds.
– Return to neutral, letting your arms come to rest at your sides.
– Do the same with your right hand: right fingers touching right shoulder, right elbow pointing straight out, grab right elbow with left hand and pull right arm straight across chest.
– Hold for about 30 seconds.

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