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Watching lot of TV can cause high blood pressure in children

According to a research, children who spend a lot of time watching television have higher blood pressure than those who watch less, even if the children are thin and get enough exercise.
Children who spent more than half an hour a day watching TV had blood pressure levels five to seven points higher than those children who watched less than half an hour of TV. Television-viewing, is related to blood pressure independent of body fat or obesity level.
Extensive television viewing may have harmful physiological effects because children often snack while watching TV, or perhaps because the pro grammes are distressing to them. Watching TV late at night may cut into sleep time or disrupt sleep, it is also possible that watching television reduces the body’s metabolic rate more than other sedentary activities.
During the course of one week, the children tested wore accelerometers, instruments that record the body’s acceleration in a vertical plane – sitting results in a score of zero, and walking and running produce progressively higher scores.
It is recommended that children watch no more than two hours of high quality television each day.
Ways to limit watching TV
– Limit yourself.
– Limit to good watching.
– Homework should be the priority.
– Avoid watching TV during meals.
– Limit the number of Televisions in home.
– Engage your children in more curricular activities.

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