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Adrenal Gland Cancer – Symptoms

Adrenal cancer is a very rare cancer in the adrenal glands. It is a malignant cancer and occurs in an aggressive kind. Adrenal cancer causes overproduction of adrenal hormones. The cause of this cancer is often unknown but in most cases it is hereditary. The tumor that may be responsible can be functioning or non functioning in nature. Functioning tumor produces excessive hormones and the non functioning type does not produce any hormones. The symptoms will vary depending on which hormones are produced excessively.
Adrenalin and non adrenalin hormones are secreted in the central part of the gland which is the medulla and other hormones like corticosteroids, ldosterone, and androgenic steroids are made in the outer part of the gland that is the cortex. The symptoms for adrenal cancer vary depending on which hormones are secreted at high levels.

Symptoms – Corticosteroids
Since the symptoms vary depending upon the hormones produced excessively, the symptoms are different for each hormone. The symptoms for excessive production of corticosteroid are:
a) Excessive fat on the top of your back
b) Loss of hair on scalp
c) Increase in body hair
d) Increase in facial hair
e) Your face may become larger
f) You may put on weight in the torso
g) You may loose your muscularity
f) You may experience muscle weakness
g) Your skin may start thinning
f) Skin tends to get bruised easily as well
g) Wounds will take longer to heal
h) Osteoporosis
i) You will be prone to infection more easily
j) you could contract Diabetes
k) There is a high chance of kidney stones
l) Mental disturbance
m) Hallucinations
n) Depression
o) Irregularities in menstrual cycle
p) Poor growth
q) Short Stature

Symptoms – androgenic steroids
a) Nervous system dysfunction
b) you may feel excessively thirsty
c) You may urinate more often
d) You may undergo certain personality changes
e) You may encounter a low potassium level
f) You may feel weak
g) You may experience a tingling sensation in the body
h) You may experience muscle spasms
i) You may also experience paralysis
j) Water retention is common
k) Increase in facial hair
l) You may become bald
m) Increase in body hair
n) Your voice may become deep
o) Muscle bulk may increase
p) Virilization
q) The size of your uterus may become small
r) Females may experience a reduction in breast size
s) Menstrual irregularities

These are the symptoms that are caused due to the excessive production of androgenic steroids and corticosteroids. However there are a few other symptoms that are characteristic of adrenal cancer too. They are:

a) You may become Obese
b) You may experience an increase of androgen level in the blood
c) The level of adrenalin will increase
d) The level of nonadrenalin will increase
e) You may suffer from high blood pressure
f) You may experience sever headaches
g) You may experience heart palpitations
h) You may have a flushed face
i) You may experience nausea
j) You may experience frequent vomiting
l) Tachycardia
m) You may encounter rapid breathing
n) Tremor
o) You may sweat more than normal
p) Emesis
q) you may get tired very quickly
r) Chest pains
s) Weight loss may occur
t) Pallor
u) Gastrointestinal motility may decrease

Mentioned above are the symptoms of adrenal cancer. It is advisable that you see a doctor if your symptoms suggest that you may have adrenal cancer. Getting help at the right time can help you get rid of the illness. If you wait too long, the cancer will spread and reduce chances of survival.

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