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Anal Cancer – Symptoms

Anal cancer is a painful condition that if not detected early can cause you are lot of stress and discomfort. People suffering from anal cancer will have malignant caner cells forming in the tissues of the anus.
The anus is the portion of the body that lies at the end of the large intestine just below the rectum. It is through here that the stool leaves one’s body. The anus is made of certain skin layers of the outer skin of the body and certain layers of intestine. Sphincter muscles are two ring like muscles that open and shut to allow the passage of stool from the body. The portion between the anus and the rectum that is 1½ inches long is known as the anal canal. The perianal area is the skin outside the anus. Tumors that form in this portion are not anal tumors, but skin tumors.

General facts about Anal Cancer:
– Anal cancer is a rare type of cancer and statistics suggest that 1 in 1,00,000 people are likely to be infected by anal cancer
– The incidence is higher amongst men who have sex with men. It is about 35 in 1,00,000
– Men who have sex with men and are HIV positive more likely to get affected by anal cancer as compared to men who have sex with men
– Anal cancer may affect the anus and anatomy nearby. However it is a type of skin cancer
– The condition can be treated successfully if detected at an early stage
– Anal cancer is more common amongst men as compared to women

The chances of developing anal cancer are higher if you are infected with HPV – human papillimavirus. Other risk factors include:

– Most people who are affected by anal cancer are over 50 years
– HPV – human papillomavirus infection
– Having multiple sexual partners increase the risk of contracting the disease
– Receptive anal sex can also cause anal cancer
– Smoking is a risk factor as well
– Anal redness, soreness and swelling can lead to anal cancer as well
– Abnormal openings in the form of anal fistulas can cause anal cancer

A few symptoms of anal cancer are highlighted below, however they could be indication of other illnesses as well and therefore on must consult an expert before arriving at conclusions:

– Lump near the anus
– Bleeding from the rectum or anus
– Bleeding from the anus or rectum
– Recurring pressure or pain around the area of the anus
– Unusual discharge from the anus or itching
– Bowel habits may change
– Genital warts or warts on the anus
The symptoms of anal cancer a first may not seem like something you should worry about. However if the problem is allowed to go on without it being treated and checked by an expert it could lead to a number of problems. Hence it is essential that you consult a doctor once you feel any discomfort around the anal area.

Men who have sex with men are at a high risk of getting anal cancer and hence it is essential that they take all the precaution they can to avoid the painful effects this disease can cause. Consulting a doctor and learning how to take necessary precautions while engaging in anal intercourse can help avoid contracting the painful condition.

Even though anal intercourse is not the main cause of anal cancer, it is one of the most common causes. It is essential that one consults an expert and adheres to the treatment provided as treatment at an early stage can prevent the cancer from spreading.

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  • monica

    i am 25 yr i have seen a small bulky mass near to openning mouth of it is not paning. i have not done sex that creat any problem. in future. shall i consult to doctor.please advice

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