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Benefits of Cardamom – a spice that can benefit your health

Cardamom is widely grown in the tropics especially in Southern India, Srilanka and the East Asian countries. it is scientifically called as Ellettaria cardamomum and is used as an herbal spice due to its strong aroma and flavor. Cardamom is used in the form of seeds, powder and essential oils. This spice is one of the costliest next only to saffron and is found in Southern India. The flavored seed is used extensively in cooking especially sweet meats and of course who can forget the cardamom tea?
Cardamom is rich in calcium, phosphorous, Iron and Vitamins. According to Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicinal system, Cardamom is a stimulant and eases digestion. I remember chewing cardamom after eating a sumptuous lunch. It is supposed to prevent stomach cramps and improve the digestion. It also removes flatulence and gas.
Have you ever wondered why people chew cardamom after eating fish or meat? Yes, to get rid of that bad breath which lingers even after a thorough brushing. Cardamom not only dispels that bad mouth odor but also strengthens gums and teeth improving oral health.
Cardamom also cleanses and detoxifies your system. It gives warmth to the body and is used during the cold winter months in your morning cup of tea. It also prevents those viral attacks thus preventing those common colds during the really cold months. It is also given to asthmatic to alleviate their symptoms.
My mother used to carry cardamom and lemon for long bus journeys to prevent those nauseous traveling sickness. It is said to prevent nausea and is also a good mood lifter. Cardamom improves appetite and is a must for those convalescing to get back their energy. Just as it prevents that foul smell from your oral cavity, Cardamom prevents that pesky mouth ulcers. Try curd spiked with ground cardamom or nutmeg to get that ulcers off their roots. It also helps to prevent diarrhea if given in very small quantities in children.
Cardamom is used to treat fevers, spasms and even liver disorders. There is no much scientific research pointing to this but it can be tried as it has no side effects. Some south East Asian countries use cardamom for allergies and bites. Cardamom has a detoxifying effect and its antimicrobial action helps in controlling worm infestation in children. It is used to cleanse the kidneys and is said to prevent urinary tract infection.
Cardamom oil is a great cleanser and detoxifies the system. If used in your skin care routine along with rose water, it keeps the skin hydrated and supple. Last but not the least, cardamom is a great Aphrodisiac. It is said to cure erectile dysfunctions, loss of libido and sexual weakness.
Cardamom can be procured in the powdered form from the market. But it is better to buy the pods and grind it manually using a pestle and a mortar to preserve the flavor. Just remove the pods and grind the seeds, you can use the pods for flavoring your tea. But a word of caution, do not use cardamom in excess as it may cause stomach ailments and vomiting. Try using your cardamom in your tea, buttermilk, sweet meats and daily cooking to improve the taste and to get those health benefits.

1 comment to Benefits of Cardamom – a spice that can benefit your health

  • boomboombaby

    Cardamom is also a wonderful aphrodisiac, at least for women, so ladies, you can use it like a stimulant to wake you up, but it will also make you very…aroused. I like to brew Cardamom tea, I concentrate it very heavily by brewing several teabags in my coffeemaker. It comes out bitter like coffee, so you may want to add sugar/cream/milk to suit your taste if drinking the tea. I just bought a lovely little jar of cardamom seedpods (colored silver for decorative use on pastries, so pretty!) to chew from the Indian grocery; I’ll be using them as a combination breath mint and aphrodisiac. Cardamom really is the Queen of Spices, I love it! And it smells like my mother’s spice cake from when I was a little girl!

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